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How your Benefit at Cornerstone Living


1.) Peace of Mind:
When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia stress levels begin to rise. Concern about their safety & well-being are always an issue, as is the need for timely medication, meals & personal hygiene. The family begins to lose sleep worrying about wandering. The life you once knew is no longer available to you. Cornerstone Living gives you peace of mind.

2.) Greater Freedom:
When a loved one is struggling with dementia your freedom is limited. You can no longer just pick up & run an errand. Everything has to be planned out so that there is someone at home. With Cornerstone Living your freedom increases because we now fulfill the tasks, which use to fall to you.

3.) Quality Care by Professionals:
Cornerstone Living, managed by professionals with over 40-years of high-level management & care giving experience. There is no guessing in the care of your loved ones, just professional & courteous care.

4.) Value:
Cornerstone Living's published rates are well-below Pennsylvania’s average rate for secure dementia care services. The reasons are very simple, Cornerstone Living is a family owned & operated facility without the high overhead created by corporate ownership or large non-profit entities. At Cornerstone Living there are no overlapping layers of management & bureaucracy, which you end up funding.